HA3 Hydra Serum

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HA3 Hydra Serum  provides Multi-Depth Skin Hydration; comes with low, medium & high molecular weights Hyaluronic Acid:

  • Rejuvenate skins.
  • Provides maximum hydrating, moisturizing and antiaging benefits to skin


Size: 30 ml (bottle)


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Note: Available in Amber bottles only at this time.



  • The Serum contains three types: low, medium, and high-molecular weights of hyaluronic acids (HA) for immediate multi-depth hydration of skin.
  • The ultra-low weight Hyaluronic Acid will be absorbed through the skin and moisturize from within. The ultra-high molecular weight HA will not absorb through the skin and will moisturize the skin whereas the mid-weight HA will have the combined features and benefits of the other two.
  • The ultra-high molecular weight HA has undergone extensive clinical studies that show extended benefits for skin elasticity, skin smoothness, and skin hydration, over regular HA, available today.
  • The serum also includes natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Chamomile flower, Green Tea Leaf, and Olive Leaf which not only prevent skin diseases like acne and rosacea, but also stimulates the connective tissue of the skin and helps to combat wrinkles and fine lines.


WHAT IS INCLUDED?  30 ml serum that lasts about 2-3 months with suggested use. For longer use buy a deal of two and save money.

 HOW TO USE?  Apply morning and evening over cleansed skin.. Noticeable results will appear 3 to 8 weeks of daily use, depending on individual. Once the desire results are achieved, apply a few times a week for maintaining the results.


  • As every skin is different, so the results may vary.
  • If skin problems exist, it is advised to consult with a medical practitioner before use.



  • Keep airtight, after use.
  • Place in dark, dry, and cool area.


WARNING: If irritation should occur, may discontinue use.




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5 reviews for HA3 Hydra Serum

  1. Chandra, Calgary AB, Canada:

    I’ve tried a range of Hyaluronic Serums so far but most of them did not functioned and were costly too. However, HA3 Hydra serum is a phenomenal. I have used it for over a month and seen fantastic changes in my face skin. It had solved a lot of my facial issues. MY skin is becoming smoother & brighter and leave my skin feel great.

  2. Shauna, Vancouver BC Canada:

    I applied it every day and stared getting amazing results and feeling. It was a bit irritant initially but later did not get any such feelings. Works great with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.
    Will definitely continue using it to get full benefits.

  3. Anila, Airdrie AB Canada:

    Love this product. My skin is sensitive skin and this serum worked well on it.. It leaves my face hydrated after washing. It not only moisturized my skin but also reduced the sign of aging.

  4. Tresa, Mississauga Ont.

    I have tried several hyaluronic acid with different price ranges but HA3 has become my favorite. I love that HA3 comes with three type of hyaluronic acid that hydrate the skin deeply. It is super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling fantastic. I love using it on the go, when I’m in a rush and can’t do my entire skin care routine, I make sure to at least use this.

  5. Jennifer W.

    . Lovely product. My face feels hydrated since started using it!

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